Pocket Informantアップデート

Pocket Informant 1.5.3

Pocket Informantを使い始めてから紙の手帳をあまり使わなくなってしまった。


What's New In Version 1.53

This update includes several fixes and improves overall stability of Pocket Informant in a number of areas. Specific fixes include:

  • Task Templates now properly apply project/context info
  • Improved handling for repeating tasks. Specifically, setting up and completing tasks that repeat from completion date is more intuitive and works as expected.
  • Location alarm handling is more efficient
  • Resolved issue that could sometimes cause the Today view to not always refresh the task list properly
  • Fixed issue where the multi-select edit bar may not always appear when tasks are selected
  • The help screen now offers a more intuitive way to get back to the Tutorial video
  • Many other general improvements.

As always, it's recommended to back up your database before applying updates.

We have had many questions about specific features that we've promised for the next release. This release focuses on issue improvements while the next major release (version 1.60) focuses on new features such as a redesigned icon picker, calendar icons, tag icons, native iPhone calendar access and more. This next major release will be ready to submit to Apple by the end of the month.